2018 KinFinder Symposium – DNA Education Opportunity

Are you looking for family using DNA? Are you curious about using DNA and Private Investigator tools in your family search? Check out the 2018 KinFinder Symposium, March 16-18, 2018 in Washington, DC

March 16-18, 2018 at Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center, Washington, DC

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Are you looking for family using DNA? Are you curious about using DNA and Private Investigator tools in your family search?

Join us for this one of a kind Symposium designed for you! You will get INSPIRED and EMPOWERED by:

  • Distinguished Speakers
  • Memorable Panelists
  • Interactive Workshops

KinFinder Group LLC is bringing together a community of national leaders and other affinity groups such as: Amerasian Children of Vietnam Veterans, Korean adoptees, foundlings, and many more. They are bringing resources to help you find and connect with your unknown relatives. You will experience a host of beneficial workshops and guest speakers who are eager to educate and inspire you to become successful in your search. In addition, you will have the opportunity to hear from several people who have amazing success stories to share. You don’t want to miss this groundbreaking event!

2018 KinFinder Symposium Opening Night

2018 KinFinder Symposium Opening Night

Topic: Everything is Possible: Embracing the Fullest Potential of Your Search for the Truth. This powerful presentation about the search for long buried answers to life-altering questions regarding lineage and family. Their story is the stuff of miracles – that can happen when we seek to know ourselves on the deepest level. Find out how a traditional adoption search is enhanced with DNA analysis. You don’t want to miss this! Speakers: Caroline Clarke, Author, Adoptee & Kris Landry, Author, Birth Mother

Foundling Town Hall: Meet Donna, Vanessa, Michelle and Precious.  Donna was found near a hospital in Norfolk Virginia as a newborn, Vanessa was found in an abandoned apartment in Virginia Beach, Michelle was left at a rooming house in Washington DC with a Portuguese family, and Precious was found on the steps of a daycare in Greensboro North Carolina.  Join us for this riveting Town Hall moderated by WJLA’s Kimberly Suiters.

2018 KinFinder Symposium Speakers

2018 KinFinder Symposium Milton Washington

Milton Washington

  • Topic: A Black and Korean Adoptee’s Journey For Family. Experience the reading and storytelling of a work-in-progress memoir named Slickyboy by writer, Milton Washington, where a fatherless young Amerasian boy is born to a Korean mother in the camptowns of Korea, a decade and-a-half after the Korean War. Slickyboy is about the love and the loss of one mother, and a finding of another, with a lifetime of living in between. Milton will share his thoughts about his search for his mother and the DNA search for his biological father.

2018 KinFinder Symposium Shannon Christmas

Shannon Christmas

  • Topic: Jumpstart Your Genealogy with GEDMatch: Learn how to use GEDMatch to mine genealogical gems from your DNA.
  • Topic: DNA Testing and African-American Genealogy: Learn how DNA testing can help resolve problems in African-American family history.

2018 KinFinder Symposium Singer- LaVigna

Susan Lavigna & Ellen Singer

  • Topic: Preparing for Search and Reunion in Domestic and International Adoption. The media often presents the dramatic and heartwarming aspects of search and reunion, but for those involved, the reality is much more complex. This workshop explores the important questions and concerns of all adoption circle members involved in search and reunion. Participants will learn how to prepare emotionally for this unique and life-changing experience as well as how to work through the potential relationship challenges that can present after reunion over time. The impact of technology and social media on search and reunion will also be discussed.

2018 KinFinder Symposium Angie Bush

Angie Bush, MS, Senior Genealogist, Ancestry ProGenealogists

  • Topic: Adoption and Unknown Parentage: Missing Branches in Your Tree. DNA testing is opening doors that were thought to be sealed for many with no knowledge of their biological roots. These individuals include adoptees, foundlings, black-market babies, donor conceived individuals and those who discovered that the men who raised them were not their biological fathers. Although DNA is not unique in its ability to reveal the identity of biological family, it is enhancing and speeding up the process for many. Inevitably, adoptees will reach out to those who have DNA tested in an attempt to identify their family. A knowledge of basic information regarding adoption law and/or where to find resources can be very useful for anyone who has completed DNA testing.

Nicole Bocra Gray, Principal, Infinity Investigative Solutions

  • Topic: Following the Lead. Locating public records and open source information to follow your leads.

2018 KinFinder Symposium Kristopher Wilgus

Kristopher “Kit” Wilgus

  • Topic: Locating Persons – Surveillance and Skip Tracing Solutions

2018 KinFinder Symposium Amanda Reno

Amanda Reno

  • Topic: Relinquishment to Reunion, A Century of Media History & Social Perception. Take a journey through the last century exploring the evolution of media coverage and social perception of child relinquishment, abandonment, adoption, and reunion.

Who Should Attend?

“Attendees include traditional genealogy enthusiasts, adoptees, orphans, foundlings and donor conceived individuals, birth mothers, birth siblings, etc.

We have groups such as Korean and Vietnamese Amerasian adoptees, Puerto Rican adoptees, African American adoptees as well as mixed race adoptees registering too.  Many of our attendees haven’t decided to search, are in the middle of the search or completed their search.

Their needs include help with understanding and navigating their DNA results, legal implications of searching for people (stalking laws etc.), how to hire a professional and what to look for, costs of hiring a professional, emotional support, making contact with birth family, guilt feelings about adopted family, etc.”

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