AncestryDNA Announces New ThruLines™ to Show Common Ancestors and DNA Matches

AncestryDNA announces new ThruLines™ to show common ancestors and DNA matches - and gives you a clear and simple view of how you’re all related

AncestryDNA Announces New ThruLines™ to Show Common Ancestors and DNA Matches – and Gives You a Clear and Simple View of How You’re All Related


  •  ThruLines™ shows you the common ancestors who likely connect you to your DNA matches—and gives you a clear and simple view of how you’re all related. When you link your public or private searchable family tree to your AncestryDNA results, new chapters of your family story may be revealed. You could see how your DNA matches fit into your family tree and learn new details about the common ancestors who likely connect you.

About the Product

  • Easier Discoveries: ThruLines™ makes it easier than ever to make new discoveries — whether it’s finding out which ancestors connect you to your DNA matches or analyzing how well your DNA match relationships line up with what you know about your family’s history.
  • Save Time: Customers may spend hours researching how they’re related to their matches. They review their matches and compare them to their shared matches and public trees to find their common ancestor. ThruLines™ aims to make this effort more efficient, enabling our members to spend more time making meaningful discoveries.
  • Find New Potential Ancestors: ThruLines™ may also suggest potential ancestors that will appear with a dashed outline around their names. These are people who are not in your family tree, but appear in the public family trees of other Ancestry members who may share a common ancestor with you.
  • Evaluate Relationships using DNA: People who appear in ThruLines™ are labeled with their potential relationship to you based on their position in your family tree. Your DNA matches are also labeled with how many centimorgans (cM) of DNA you share and the relationships that are possible between you. These DNA relationships, combined with relationships suggested in your tree, can help you understand if your DNA matches support what you know about your family’s history.

Release Information

ThruLines™ will be in public beta testing starting on Wednesday, February 27th and users may opt-in at . Any member who meets the following criteria will receive ThruLines™ insights free for a limited time.

1) Your AncestryDNA results are linked to a public or private searchable family tree.

2) You have DNA matches who have also linked their results to a public or private indexed family tree.

3) Your linked family tree is well built out. It should be 3-4 generations deep to have the best chance of ThruLines ™ finding new discoveries for you to explore.

Qualifying customers can access this feature from the AncestryDNA logged-in home page. This feature will also be highlighted on our landing page at Ancestry often puts new features in Beta as we test and refine ideas and gather feedback from our customers. Features will come out of Beta when we have enough feedback to validate their value to our customers, including whether the feature will require a subscription.


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  1. Not impressed. Just tried this. I was adopted as a baby. I have trees for both my natural family and my adopted family. the large majority of things that came up on this new thrulines were for my adopted family of whom i have no dna link…. so whats the point

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