Ancestry Announces New and Improved DNA Matches

Ancestry Has Redesigned the DNA Match Experience! Use Color Coding, Custom Labeling and Other Innovative New Tools - here's how to join the BETA test group!

Ancestry Has Redesigned the DNA Match Experience! Use Color Coding, Custom Labeling and Other Innovative New Tools

[Editor’s Note: We received the following information from AncestryDNA this morning about MAJOR UPDATES to the DNA Matching Experience at Ancestry!]


New & Improved DNA Matches : Now you can easily sort, group, and view your DNA matches any way you’d like. We’re redesigning the DNA Match experience to help you make more discoveries, faster. Now use color coding, custom labeling, and other innovative new tools to see your AncestryDNA connections in the clearest light possible.

About the Product

  • More control: With new tools and customizable groups, New & Improved DNA Matches gives you control over how you group and view the matches that are the most meaningful to you.
  • Streamlines matches: New & Improved DNA Matches allows you to quickly identify your newest matches or your maternal/paternal matches more easily.
  • New Look: A much needed redesign brings an updated look and new features to the DNA Match experience.
  • Updated Match List: This offers customers new ways to filter their matches, such as by close, distant, not viewed, tree status, notes and messaged. If a customer has a parent(s) tested, they can also now see a maternal and/or paternal label next to the matches that are descended from that side of the family.
  • Custom Groups: A much longed for feature request – there is also the ability to create custom groups that can be labeled, assigned a color and applied to any matches in a customer’s Match List.
  • Easily View Additional Tests: Customers can also easily see and switch between the Match Lists for AncestryDNA tests they administer, collaborate or have viewer rights for.

Release Information

The New & Improved DNA Matches experience will be in public beta starting on Wednesday, February 27th and anyone with an AncestryDNA test may opt-in at Customers will continue to find
this feature from the DNA Matches card on the logged-in-home-page and from the AncestryDNA menu item in the site navigation. We are still adding functionality and the features may change day-to-day as we work to provide the best version of this tool. Please come back frequently to use the tool and leave feedback for us.


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  1. Gail Benson | 1 March 2019 at 4:19 pm |

    Looks great – when I switch over to the new format, I seem to lose the ability to add notes. Can anyone help with that?

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