[Editor’s Note: Our good friends at MyHeritage are hosting a great giveaway in honor of Father’s Day! Here’s the info we just received . . .]

Back in July 2015, we held a look-alike photo competition and asked users to send in look-alike pictures of family members from different generations. The results were incredible. In some cases descendants were so similar to their ancestors, it seemed as though we were looking at photos of the same person.

Louis Beckstrom (born 1917) and great-grandson Mathew Beckstrom (born 1995)

With Father’s Day coming up next month, we’ve decided to re-open the look-alike competition again, this time for children and fathers.

Have you heard all your life that you look exactly like your father? Do you have any photos of yourself and of your dad that make you do a double-take? We want to see the uncanny resemblances between the two of you, and we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to win a MyHeritage DNA kit!

Send in your family photos, and details about the people in your photos to by June 15, 2017, for a chance to win. We’ll post the top photos on the blog.

Good luck — We look forward to seeing your photos!


Click here to visit the MyHeritage blog and read more as well as the contest rules.

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