DNA News Update – Friday, July 21, 2017

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This Week’s DNA News You Should Know

  • An update to the AncestryDNA kit management system: “AncestryDNA have announced that the process for activating kits will change from 18th July onwards. Up until now it has been possible to add multiple kits for your relatives to your own DNA account. The disadvantage of this process is that the person taking the test does not have full control of their own DNA and data, and there is the potential for misuse. Under the new system every person who takes a DNA test will be required to set up their own Ancestry account.” Click here to read more via Cruwys News
  • AncestryDNA Privacy Policy Update: Why This Change Is Good: “An update to AncestryDNA’s privacy policy requires us to take to take one more step when managing someone else’s DNA test. Here’s why Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard thinks that’s a good thing.” Click here to read more via Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems
  • DNA Reveals Truth of Family’s Jesse James Story: “When Frank and Jesse James appeared in  the family history of Tony Johnson, he turned to DNA. Tony wanted to learn and know the truth of his family’s story. The story was told to each generation for over 150 years.” Click here to read more at Stray Leaves
  • Enhancing Collaboration and Roles on DNA Results: “As the AncestryDNA service has grown, we are increasingly hearing about families taking DNA tests together. Family members want easier and more powerful ways to collaborate with each other to make discoveries in their family story, all while still maintaining control and privacy of their own information. We recently made some changes that allow for better and more varied roles in managing, collaborating, and viewing DNA results—as well as a change to how DNA kits are activated to increase personal control.” Click here to read more via Ancestry Blog
  • The uncertain future of genetic testing: “Bringing genetics into medicine leads to more accuracy, better diagnosis and personalised treatment – but not for all. Carrie Arnold meets families for whom gene testing has led only to unanswered questions.” Click here to read more via Mosaic

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