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  • 23andMe and Grünenthal to Study the Genetics of Pain: “Pain is complex and personal. You understand the level of your own pain, but it’s harder to understand it in others.” Click here to read more via 23andme
  • AncestryDNA Reaches 4 Million Customers in DNA Database: “Ancestry has surpassed 4 million customers in our DNA database! We’re proud to remain the largest consumer genetic testing company.” Click here to read more via Ancestry

  • DNA Test for Finding Ancestors Raises Privacy Concerns: “A DNA test that’s designed to reveal family history also requires users to give up their rights to their DNA data. One consumer says the contract is too broad for him to continue with the service.” Click here to view via NBC Bay Area
  • Firestorm brewing as scientists work to create synthetic human DNA: “Ethics are being questioned over a project to make synthetic genetic code at Harvard Medical School.” Click here to read more via CNBC
  • GEDMatch One-to-One Columns Revealed: “Wonder what all those columns on your GEDMatch One-to-One Page mean? Here is a good explanation.” Click here to read more via Family Roots and Branches
  • I found a Minuteman, a shoemaker and an indentured servant in my DNA: “Clarence Perry Bristol, the columnist’s great-great-grandfather, fought in the Civil War with the Illinois infantry. The 1900 census report posted on lists him as a druggist, spelled with one ‘g.’ The National Genealogical Society’s conference in Raleigh on May 10-13 explores this sort of research.” Read more here: Click here to read more via The News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina)
  • I took the DNA test and was shocked at what I discovered: “I took the Ancestry DNA test about two months ago, figuring it would be helpful to find out where all my Irish relatives traced back to.” Click here to read more via Irish Central
  • LivingDNA Product Review: DNA expert Roberta Estes offers her review of Living DNA a relatively new DNA vendor based in the UK. Click here to read more via DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy
  • The Y-DNA Mutation Rate Project: “I’ve tested myself out to 67 Y-DNA markers (67-111 are pending!), and I’ve compared that to two 5th cousins. We have some genetic differences, as expected, and I’m always interested in learning more about my Y-DNA. One thing I’d like to do, for example, is compare my results to closer relatives (father and/or son) to look for mutations in father/son pairs.” Click here to read more via The Genetic Genealogist
  • Thinking of DNA testing? Which one is the best for you?: “DNA testing kits are soaring in popularity. But does it matter which test you choose? We put three to the test.” Click here to read more via WGN News
  • What can a DNA kit tell you? A CSUF expert has some answers: “Discovering that your German heritage is actually Scottish and turning in your lederhosen for a kilt – that’s the premise of a commercial playing a lot these days. It taps into a common human desire: to find out our true identity.” Click here to read more via The Orange County Register

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