DNA News Update – Friday, May 19, 2017

Here's the latest news related to DNA testing, genetic genealogy, genealogy research and family history for Friday, May 19, 2017 - via DNA Bargains.

Here are the latest DNA-related news articles and blog posts for the past week. Stay on top of ALL the important DNA news here at DNA Bargains!

  • Can Giving Paintings Their Own DNA Stop Art Forgery? :”Is your favorite piece of art legitimate? If it’s the work of a skilled forger, it may be impossible to tell. But copycats are now on notice, reports artnet’s Henri Neuendorf, thanks to a long-term effort to figure out how to give paintings their own unique DNA.” Click here to read via Smithsonian Magazine.
  • Concepts – Why Genetic Genealogy and Triangulation?: “One of the questions often asked is why triangulation in genetic genealogy is so important. Before I answer that, let’s take a look at why genealogists use autosomal DNA for genetic genealogy in the first place.”  Click here to read more via DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy.
  • How just 13 DNA snippets could identify you: “Just 13 snippets of DNA may be enough to make conclusions about hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, even those not present in the sample, possibly revealing enough to indicate personal identity information.” Click here to read more via Futurity.
  • Mother and Daughter Reunited: “MyHeritage is proud to have recently reunited a mother and daughter who had been separated for over 43 years.” Click here to read more via My Heritage.

  • My mom, 23andMe and the sense of belonging: “I called my mother the other day with the results of DNA testing that shows from whence we came. I read her the results. She was not surprised.”  Click here to read more via the Winston-Salem Journal.
  • New Gene Tests Pose a Threat to Insurers: “Pat Reilly had good reason to worry about Alzheimer’s disease: Her mother had it, and she saw firsthand the havoc it could wreak on a family, much of it financial.” Click here to read via The New York Times.
  • The Science Behind AncestryDNA — #NGS2017GEN: “Julie Granka, of AncestryDNA, spoke about “Understanding the Science Behind Your DNA Results” at the 2017 National Genealogical Society Conference last week. I’m hardly qualified to report about this session, but I’ll give it a try. ” Click here to read more via Ancestry Insider.

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