DNA News Update – Thursday, April 6, 2017

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  • A New Kind of DNA Evidence: – “Should familial DNA be used in forensic investigations? How it works — and some of the potential problems with the practice.” Click here – via JSTOR
  • FamilyTreeDNA’s New Origins Estimates – “So I checked my familytreeDNA origins results again last night after hearing they’d upgraded their population sample databases and there were some big changes!” Click here – via The Genetic Arborist
  • Family Tree DNA Updates myOrigins – “Family Tree DNA has exciting news! The long-awaited update to myOrigins is now available.” Click here – via DNA – Genealem’s Genetic Genealogy
  • Finally! A Gedmatch Admixture Guide! – “For those unaware, Gedmatch.com is a website where you can upload your raw DNA data for further analysis and matching with people from other companies who have also upload their data.” Click here – via Genealogical Musings
  • New FTDNA Ethnicities – “FamilyTreeDNA updated their DNA ethnicity guesses. (Yes, guesses, the science behind them is nowhere near exact)” Click here – via Transylvanian Dutch
  • The FDA Just Greenlit the First Consumer DNA Tests for Disease Risk – “At times, DNA testing can feel more like horoscopes than science. In many cases, we just don’t know enough about a gene to say what it means for our health.  For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration  has sought to protect consumers by preventing DNA testing companies from telling them whether or not they’re are at risk for a certain disease. Until now.” Click here – via Gizmodo

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