DNA Sales Forecast: National Free Shipping Day

Today is the LAST DAY to get FREE SHIPPING for US orders at Family Tree DNA plus save $15 USD on mtDNA Full Sequence test!

Will the DNA Testing Companies Participate in National Free Shipping Day 2017?

Tomorrow, Friday, December 15, 2017, is National Free Shipping Day and it is one of the last big online shopping deals before Christmas. The 15th is also the last day that many vendors can guarantee arrival of any item ordered in time for Christmas when using free standard shipping.

How Does National Free Shipping Day Work?

For most online stores, login after 12:01 am EST and look for either special promo codes or posted free shipping deals. Some vendors may require a minimum purchase. National Free Shipping Day will be a ONE-DAY ONLY sale on December 15th.

IMPORTANT: The free shipping deal may NOT be your best move! Consider other promo codes that give 20% off or more and see if that amount is more than the standard shipping. Also, keep in mind that many vendors will not let you “stack” coupons and promo codes . . . so it is either the 25% off code OR the free shipping code but not both!

AncestryDNA – What’s Their Next Move on Sales?

Here are DNA Bargains we are not certain as to what the major DNA testing companies will do for National Free Shipping Day. We do know that our sister site Genealogy Bargains has identified one major genealogy vendor offering a free shipping code, but they do not sell DNA test kits.

We find it curious that while most of the other DNA testing companies have sales that are running through as late as December 31st, the current AncestryDNA sale is slated to end today, December 14th (click HERE). This leads us to believe that a) AncestryDNA may offer a one-day free shipping deal and/or b) AncestryDNA may drop its price to $59 (or lower) bundled with a shipping incentive. The shipping incentive could be something like “buy three AncestryDNA test kits, get free standard shipping” or even a lower price on expedited shipping (2-day) as it gets closer to Christmas.

Don’t Forget Amazon and Groupon!

Again, as we stated above, taking the bait on the DNA vendor’s free shipping may not be the best move. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can purchase most of the major DNA test kits at the same current discount prices PLUS get free 2-day shipping. Click HERE to view all DNA test kits on Amazon.

In addition, Groupon has several DNA test kit deals including a low $55 USD price on Family Finder from Family Tree DNA! Click HERE for more info.


Holiday shopping is all about SMART shopping especially when it comes to not only saving money, but also buying the right DNA test kit. Remember to download our FREE DNA Buying Guide (click HERE) and review it BEFORE you shop this Christmas season!


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