DNA Test Kit Price List – Cyber Week 2018

Current DNA Test Kit Price List including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA as of Thursday, November 29th

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Most of the Cyber Monday deals that were extended over to this past Tuesday have since been replaced with either Cyber Week or Holiday deals.  Most of the Holiday deals end on or around Monday, December 24th while the current MyHeritage DNA Cyber Week deal ends on Sunday, December 2nd.

Current DNA Test Market Prediction

The information below is based on DNA market research compiled by DNA test market expert and genealogy author/educator Thomas MacEntee of Abundant Genealogy. Recent predictions and results as tracked by several companies and market research firms, state that 40% of all holiday shopping will take place during Cyber Week (from Thanksgiving through Friday, November 30th, 2018). That means there is still plenty of shopping to be done for DNA test kits and consumers will be looking for deals. (See Every Result You Need To Know From Black Friday, Cyber Monday And The Holiday 2018 Season So Far at Forbes).

“Competition has been hot, hot, hot as we settle into the Holiday 2018 season. To be honest, the prices wars have been going on all throughout 2018 but really intensified in October 2018 with October being National Family History Month in the United States.

In November the entire month was designated a Black Friday sales period, not just in the DNA industry, but for most online vendors (as well as brick and mortar vendors). Price drops were announced the third week of November as we approached the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

While it appears that 23andMe, AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA have posted Christmas holiday sales with expiration dates of Monday, December 24th, look for pop-up or flash sales during that period.”


The 23andMe Holiday Sale is here! Save 30% and get FREE GIFT WRAPPING on the 23andMe Ancestry or 23andMe Ancestry + Health DNA test kits!

“Expect the current pricing of 30% off plus free gift wrapping at 23andMe to hold for the rest of the Holiday season. There may be a one day flash sale on 23andMe Ancestry Service + Health at Amazon with pricing at 50% off, the same as the Black Friday sale on Amazon. As well, 23andMe could very well revive the “buy 2 get each at 50% off” sale for Ancestry Service + Health. In addition, look for 23andMe to offer shipping incentives such as upgrades to 2-day and 1-day shipping in place of standard shipping.”

AncestryDNA AncestryDNA just $59 USD during AncestryDNA Holiday Sale. Sale valid through Monday, December 24th

“Will the price go lower than $59 USD for AncestryDNA during the Holiday season? I doubt it . . . as I’ve said in the past, AncestryDNA is the world’s most popular personal DNA test kit and with Ancestry’s marketing muscle, they don’t need to drop down to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing of $49 USD.

What we may see from AncestryDNA: special offers for free gift wrapping, incentive pricing for adding the new AncestryDNA Traits feature or for bundling the AncestryDNA test kit with an Ancestry Gift Membership.”

Family Tree DNA

During the Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale, save up to 40% on DNA tests and discover your ancestry! Get the best prices at DNA Bargains!

?The price for Family Finder, the standard autosomal DNA test kit at Family Tree DNA won’t go lower than $49 USD during the holiday season. Look for shipping incentives similar to those that might be offered by other DNA test kit vendors. In addition, special one-day only flash sales on Y-DNA, mtDNA or DNA test kit bundles. The Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale runs through Monday, December 31st.”

Findmypast DNA

Findmypast DNA priced at $89 USD, $99 CAD, £79, €89 and $129 AUD during Findmypast DNA Holiday Sale! Sale valid through Monday, December 24th

“The new player in the personal DNA testing for genealogy and family history field, the Findmypast DNA test kit is, in essence, the Living DNA 3-in-1 test kit (see below). Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Findmypast DNA came in at a slightly lower price than Living DNA – at $59 USD while Living DNA held fast at $69 USD with a “buy 2 or more pay just $59 USD” offer. Right now the price for Findmypast DNA is $89 USD. Expect a price drop between now and December 24th to put it in line with Living DNA and other DNA test kit vendors.”

Living DNA

Save up to 30% during Living DNA Christmas Sale! Regularly $99 USD, now just $79 USD. Purchase 2 or more kits for $69 USD each! Sale valid through Monday, December 24th.

Living DNA, unfortunately, is one of the least noticed DNA test kits in the US market, despite being a 3-in-1 test (autosomal, Y-DNA and mt-DNA) and offering excellent ethnicity estimates for those with British and Irish heritage. The current Living DNA Christmas sale has a price of $79 USD with a price of $69 USD when purchasing 2 or more Living DNA test kits. I don’t see this pricing scheme changing before December 24th, but look for shipping and gift wrapping incentives over the course of the sale period. Being a UK-based business, Living DNA will likely have a bang up Boxing Day / New Year’s Sale staring December 26th.”

MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA just $49 USD during MyHeritage DNA Cyber Week Sale. Plus FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 2 or more kits! Sale valid through Sunday, December 2nd.

“Currently MyHeritage DNA is priced at $49 USD during the MyHeritage DNA Cyber Week Sale which runs through Sunday, December 2nd. There is a free shipping incentive when purchasing two or more MyHeritage DNA test its. Expect a MyHeritage Holiday Sale to start on Monday, December 3rd with the same $49 USD prices. Up through December 24th, there will likely be periodic offers of free shipping with no minimum purchase, free gift wrapping etc. but the base price of MyHeritage DNA won’t migrate below $49 USD.”

International Pricing on DNA Test Kits for Holiday Season

“Have you noticed the push by almost ALL of the DNA test kit vendors to lower their prices significantly for non-US customers? AncestryDNA made it a point to advertise that their price was the lowest ever not just for the US market, but Canada, UK and Australia as well. MyHeritage DNA has special pricing and free shipping for most of Europe, Israel, Brazil as well as the US. My theories on this trend: 1) perhaps the US market is starting to get “tapped out” and finally Europeans and others feel more comfortable with some of the possible privacy issues involved with DNA testing; and 2) genealogists and family historians in many countries such as Australia have complained that there aren’t enough matches for them when they look at their results. There is a need to “expand the pond” and have more non-US residents take a DNA test in order to find family history research success.”

Amazon and Amazon Prime

FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime Members on AncestryDNA! Click here to access this special deal - you get the same $79 USD sale price PLUS FREE 2-Day SHIPPING!

“Many consumers shop on Amazon since their Amazon Prime Membership offers free shipping. Although the price for a DNA test might be $10 USD higher than buying direct from the vendor, usually products with Amazon Prime can be delivered for free within 2-days, 1-day or even on the same day in some locations. Consumers should always check to make certain that the seller on Amazon is actually the DNA test kit vendor and NOT a reseller. Look for the seller name in the listing and click the hyperlink to check their ratings. Also understand that some vendors like AncestryDNA reserve the right to not activate or de-activate tests purchased through an unauthorized reseller. See AncestryDNA Deactivates DNA Test Kits Sold on Amazon by Unauthorized Resellers.

Other DNA Test Kit Vendors

Helix: Save 50% on National Geographic DNA Test Kit: Geno 2.0 Next Generation via Amazon!

“I don’t actively track other DNA test kit vendors targeting the personal and genealogy markets, but a quick look at offerings on Amazon show discounts of up to 50% on Helix (and its National Geographic Geno 2.o test), Vitagene and others. Consumers should look closely at the ratings for any DNA test kit not sold by the vendors listed above and during the holiday season NEVER pay more than $89 USD for a DNA test kit.”

Latest DNA Test Kit Prices

UPDATED 5:00 am CST, Friday, November 30th, 2018

  • 23andMe: Take 30% off + FREE gift wrapping during the 23andMe Holiday Sale at 23andMe. 23andMe for Ancestry, regularly $99 USD, now just $69 USD. 23andMe DNA for Health + Ancestry, regularly $199 USD, now just $139 USD. Sale valid through Tuesday, December 25th.
  • Amazon: FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime Members on DNA test kits including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA.



  • AncestryDNA Australia: Christmas Sale at AncestryDNA Australiajust $89 AUD! Sale valid through Monday, December 24th
  • AncestryDNA Canada: AncestryDNA Canada – just $89 CDN during AncestryDNA Christmas Sale! Sale valid through Monday, December 24th.
  • Family Tree DNAFamily Finder only $49 USD during Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale! Huge discounts on Y-DNA, mtDNA and bundles too! Sale valid through Monday, December 31st.
  • Findmypast DNA: Findmypast DNA priced at $89 USD,
    $99 CAD, £79, €89 and $129 AUD during Findmypast DNA Holiday Sale! Sale valid through Monday, December 24th.
  • Living DNA: Save up to 30% during Living DNA Christmas Sale! Regularly $99 USD, now just $79 USD. Purchase 2 or more kits for $69 USD each! Sale valid through Monday, December 24th.
  • MyHeritage: MyHeritage DNA just $49 USD during MyHeritage DNA Cyber Week Sale. Plus FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 2 or more kits! Sale valid through Sunday, December 2nd.
  • Vitagene: Save up to 40% on Health Reports during Vitagene Holiday Sale.  Use your DNA test data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA and MyHeritage DNA! Click HERE to read my recent review! Health Report for diet, fitness & supplementation. Regularly $49 USD, now just $29 USD.


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