Family Tree DNA Raises Price of Family Finder Test to $89 but . . .

Get Family Finder DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA (similar to AncestryDNA) for just $69.99 USD plus FREE SHIPPING via Amazon - get the details at DNA Bargains!

Did you notice that after the amazing price of $69 USD for the Family Tree DNA Family Finder test kit during the recent Mother’s Day sale, it seems that they’ve raised the regular price – which was $79 – up to $89!

Last year, Family Tree DNA did have an amazing Summer Sale where the price was $59 for the Family Finder test, then they set the base price to $79 where it had remained. Click HERE to learn more about the Family Finder test as well as the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests available at Family Tree DNA.


Groupon has Family Tree DNA Family Finder for Just $59

But we just found a way around the new $89 price – you can use this Groupon link (click HERE) and get the same test for just $59 – a 37% savings!

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