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My updated e-book, DNA Buying Guide is a MUST READ before you make any upcoming DNA test kit purchase. I’ve researched all the available DNA tests from the major DNA testing companies and this new guide answers almost every question you may have. Are you sure you’re buying the right test? Learn how to pick the RIGHT DNA TEST and get it at the best price.

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About DNA Buying Guide

If you are planning on purchasing a DNA test kit for yourself, as a gift, several tests for family members, or have a specific testing need, DNA Buying Guide provides you with the best strategy as you navigate all the different sales offers on DNA test kits and related genetic genealogy products.

With this handy guide, you’ll get answers to the following questions:

  • Which DNA test kit should you purchase? Should you buy now or wait for an upcoming sale?
  • Which DNA testing companies are the best? Is there a difference?
  • What type of DNA test should you purchase?
  • What are your DNA research goals?
  • Which is the best DNA test kit to purchase?

In addition, the newest update to the DNA Buying Guide offers advice on:

  • Why you should always download your raw DNA data once you receive your test results!
  • Why you should consider uploading your raw DNA data to as many other DNA websites as possible!
  • Why you should ALWAYS read the privacy policy for any site where you have stored your DNA test data!

DNA Buying Guide also covers Other Factors in Choosing a DNA Test Kit and provides a Resource List with over 100 tools and sites get the most out of your DNA testing experience.

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