DNA Social Media

Want to follow DNA test kit vendors, blogs and more on social media? National DNA Day has all your resources for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of HTSABO

Want to communicate with other genetic genealogy enthusiasts on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?  What about contacting a DNA vendor’s customer service via social media? Here is a list of resources for all your DNA social media needs:

Facebook DNA Resources*

*Note: The listings above are used by permission from Katherine Willson who maintains the canonical Genealogy on Facebook List at her site. Click here to visit and view even more DNA-related Facebook resources – especially for haplogroup specific Facebook resources!

Twitter DNA Resources

Pinterest DNA Resources

Updated November 21, 2017

Disclosure statement: I have material connections with various vendors and organizations. To review the material connections I have in the genealogy industry, please see Disclosure Statement.

Content and Images: All content including images have been used by permission from each vendor.

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