FREE WEBINAR – Navigating YDNA at

Legacy Family Tree Webinars is offering free access to its new recorded webinar Exploring Y-DNA at now through April 12, 2017

FREE WEBINAR – Navigating YDNA at

Presented by Geoff Rasmussen and Diahan Southard – “Geoff is ready to close the case of the parentage of Nathan Brown. Traditional genealogy research has built a solid case, and now he wants to solidify the findings by adding DNA to the evidence. He recently located one of Nathan’s living, male, Brown-surnamed descendants who agreed to take the test – a YDNA test from The results are in, and he is hoping that the DNA supports his theory. Is Jeremiah Brown really Nathan’s father or is it time to look up a different tree?

On hand to guide, interpret and explain what Geoff discovers will be DNA expert, webinar presenter, and’s Diahan Southard. The result will be a live and unscripted session giving DNA neophyte researchers (like Geoff) a first-hand look at what to expect from a YDNA test.”

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