MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale – Just $36 USD!

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale – Save 55% TODAY!

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale - Save 55% TODAY!

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale! Save 55% on MyHeritage DNA during the MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale! This is the same autosomal DNA test kit as AncestryDNA and other major DNA vendors!  Sale valid through November 15th, 2023.  VIEW DETAILS

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale - Save 55% TODAY!

No need to wait until Black Friday to start your journey into the past. Get your MyHeritage DNA kit at an unbeatable price with our Early Black Friday Deal!

This Early Black Friday, we’re offering an exclusive package that’s too good to pass up. For just $36 per kit, you can embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Here’s what this amazing deal includes:

  • Discover your origins from across 2,114 geographic regions
  • Connect with new relatives through DNA Matches

If you add a MyHeritage Complete subscription, you can also:

  • Build an unlimited family tree
  • Access 19.6 billion historical records
  • Receive automatic matches to grow your family tree and gain new insights about your ancestors
  • Unlimited use of many photo features + extended use of AI Time Machine™

Thinking of getting kits for the whole family? Now’s the perfect time! This deal is perfect for gifting, exploring your family history together, or even connecting with distant relatives.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to delve into your family’s past and connect with your heritage. With MyHeritage DNA kits, the journey of a lifetime is just a swab away.

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale: Why MyHeritage DNA Kits Are the Perfect Gift

  • Explore Ethnic Origins: Dive into your family’s ethnic mix and uncover hidden stories.
  • Find New Relatives: MyHeritage DNA can connect you with family members you might not even know exist.
  • A Gift of Discovery: Offer a unique experience that brings to life family histories and creates lasting memories.

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale: Early Shopping = Wise Shopping

Start your holiday shopping now to beat the last-minute rush. Here’s why you should grab this opportunity:

  • No Shipping Worries: Secure your gifts early and relax knowing they’ll arrive on time.
  • Exclusive Sale Prices: Enjoy our Early Holiday Sale discounts and get more value for your money.
  • A Truly Unique Gift: Stand out with a gift that offers insights, excitement, and heartfelt discoveries.

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale: The Clock Is Ticking!

With every passing day, Christmas is drawing nearer. A MyHeritage DNA kit is not just a present; it’s an exploration into your loved ones’ ethnic backgrounds, helping to bridge connections and bring families closer. Don’t miss out! This exclusive sale is the perfect chance to get a thoughtful, engaging gift for your family and friends.

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale: Free Shipping Offer!

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale - Save 55% TODAY!

BONUS! Get FREE SHIPPING when you order two (2) or more MyHeritage DNA test kits!

MyHeritage Early Black Friday DNA Sale: Why Choose MyHeritage DNA?

  • Detailed Genetic Breakdown: Gain insights into your genetic makeup and heritage.
  • Expansive Global Database: With our vast global user base, your chances of connecting with relatives soar.
  • Top-notch Privacy: We encrypt and secure your data, ensuring you have complete control. Your privacy is our priority.

So, don’t hesitate. Delve into your heritage, unearth family tales, and meet relatives you didn’t even know were out there.

What is ancestry DNA testing and how does it work?

Ancestry DNA testing basically takes a bit of your DNA from the cells of your body (usually from a saliva sample or cheek swab), analyzes its unique sequences, and compares those sequences to those of other people to learn about your genetic makeup.

DNA tests give you two things:

  • A rough estimate of your ethnic makeup: insight into where your ancestors came from; and
  • A list of people in the same database whose DNA matches yours and are therefore likely your relatives.

Taking a DNA test usually works like this: you order a DNA test kit from the DNA company or purchase it from a retailer, use the kit to collect a DNA sample, and send the sample to the lab using the instructions provided. The lab analyzes your sample and when your results are ready, the testing company emails you a link to view your results online.

Why Test with MyHeritage DNA?

I took my first DNA heritage test back in 2008 when AncestryDNA was still in “beta” testing and I’ve written numerous articles and e-books on how to get the most out of personal DNA testing for genealogy research.

Many of my followers look to me for recommendations on a variety of products and services, including ancestry DNA test kits. You’ll always get the latest, up-to-date information from me in easy-to-understand terminology and an action plan for you to get started on your own DNA testing journey.

Navigating the myriad of DNA test kits so that you select the best one for your research can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider and most DNA test kits and tools look alike. I’m here to help you pick the BEST DNA TEST for your goals and needs and get it at the BEST PRICE.

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