40% OFF 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History

In November 2017, I had the privilege of working with genetic genealogy expert Mary Eberle, JD in producing her new book 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History available at Amazon in the Amazon Kindle format (click HERE for the Kindle version).

This popular book is now available in PDF format for just $2.99 USD! The regular price is $4.99 USD – you save 40%! No promo code needed, just click HERE or the button below to purchase your copy and get ready to understand the basics of DNA testing and genealogy.


About 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History

Save 40%! Interested in DNA Testing for family history research? The best-selling ebook 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History by Mary Eberle is now available in PDF format!

DNA testing for family history is becoming wildly popular. Television advertisements, talk shows, books, and even FaceBook are filled with stories of big family discoveries using DNA. Once you decide to get your DNA tested, you will likely have many questions.

These questions include:

  • Which DNA test is right for me or my family member?
  • Which DNA test is better: AncestryDNA, 23andMe or Family Tree DNA?
  • How do I use “matches” to locate other relatives connected through DNA?

23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History answers many of these questions and more. The various tips were selected after listening to hundreds of people’s questions during live workshops and webinars. The 23 tips for DNA testing are split into sections on autosomal DNA, X-DNA, Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and additional tips. There’s even a bonus tip at the end!

23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History can be read cover to cover whether you are a “newbie” or just need a refresher. If you have a very specific question, you can easily find the tips related to your question.

Other features of the book include: a Resource List that can be used to seek additional information on DNA-related topics; easy-to-understand explanations of terminology used in DNA testing; and advice on the best methods to get results from your DNA testing for family history.

DNA testing connects us with relatives interested in family history. Maybe you’ll meet those cousins you heard about when you were a kid . . . but never met until a DNA test united you. Or maybe you’ll break through a brick wall in your family history research. You might even discover your birth parent or the birth parent of a loved one. It’s amazing what can be done with DNA testing!


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