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Genealogy authors and educators Andy Lee and Devon Noel Lee of Family History Fanatics have a brand NEW book out about DNA! Get your copy of DNA Q and A: Real Questions from Real People about Genetic Genealogy today! Click HERE for the print version and click HERE for the Amazon Kindle version.

From the Amazon description for DNA Q and A: Real Questions from Real People about Genetic Genealogy:

Genetic genealogy generates compelling questions as people around the world attempt to understand haplogroups, ethnicity, and genetic matches. DNA Q&A has curated actual questions from real people who’ve sought to better understand DNA via the Family History Fanatics YouTube channel, eConferences, and live presentations. Is your question, or something similar, in the book? Find out the answer to it and more! “What is the best testing companies for adoptees?” “FAMILY TREE DNA now accepts imported data from the other services. Wouldn’t that make their database potentially the best overall?” “Why did I receive completely different ethnicity results when I uploaded my AncestryDNA results to and MyHeritage?” “My brother and I sent our samples into AncestryDNA recently. We have the same biological parents, but our results were significantly different. Isn’t genetic testing no better than astrology?” “On 23andMe in DNA relatives, a woman is my father’s half-sister. He doesn’t have a half-sister. What is going on?”

If you have an interest in DNA testing, you’ll love this book . . . even if you’ve been working DNA result for some time now. Andy and Devon cover every possible questions from the basics including DNA test accuracy, to the scientific covering SNPs, centiMorgans and segments. And there is also the occasional “bizarre” question such as whether 23andMe is owned by Google and more.

Click HERE for the print version and click HERE for the Amazon Kindle version.

About The Author: Devon Noel Lee

About The Author: Devon Noel Lee

I grew up having photos of my ancestors on the walls of my home. I heard a few stories here and there, but I didn’t really ‘know’ my ancestors. I want my children to know as much about their ancestors as they know about horses or Star Wars. That’s a tall order. If I find a way to compile family history in an attractive format for them, they will know.

Everyone can play a part in the work of family history. You don’t have to enjoy library archives or cemeteries to do something to preserve your family’s heritage. With my books, I show you how to I take your memories and research and turn them into something your children and extended family members can enjoy.

When I’m not working on preserving memories, I am raising my five amazing children and sharing a wonderful life with a great husband in the Texas.


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