The Power of Using DNA to Find Birth Families

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Have You Harnessed the Power of DNA for Your Family History Research?

There isn’t a week that goes by lately when I see a story on television about an adoptee locating a birth parent . . . see today’s story Good Morning America Features MyHeritage DNA Mother-Daughter Reunion Live on Air!, for example. Or I hear about a genealogy researcher who discovers that a grand-parent, now deceased gave up a child for adoption.

Amazing stories are in the news, on the television, and online each and every day. Stories that would not have been possible if it weren’t for the power of DNA testing and how we use it in our family history. Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters LLC recently posted DNA & Mirror Trees to the Rescue: Finding a Birth Father explaining how to use DNA test data for locating birth parents.

In fact, Mary has recently been working with an adoptee from Vietnam who grew up in the UK and has been looking for her birth father.  See Decades After War, Vietnamese Adoptees Search For Parents for Toni’s story and listen to a brief radio interview.

There’s much more to DNA testing than just looking at your ethnicity breakdown and then thinking you’re “done.” Make sure you are unlocking the full potential of DNA testing and learn how to work with the test results!

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