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If you were unable to attend the Researching Difficult DNA Matches & Understanding Ethnicity Estimates Boot Camp this past Saturday,  September 29th, you’re in luck! We’ve packaged the entire event – webinar videos and handouts into one product! We had an enthusiastic sell-out crowd with Mary Eberle presenting amazing information-filled webinars!

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Researching Difficult DNA Matches & Understanding Ethnicity Estimates

Let’s face it . . . DNA testing takes time and money. So don’t you want to get the most out of your DNA test results? Why is it so difficult to connect with a close DNA match on Ancestry or another platform? And what about ethnicity estimates? Are they really accurate? And why do they seem to “change”?

If you’re ready, then Researching Difficult DNA Matches & Understanding Ethnicity Estimates Boot Camp is for you! Join DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters for over 3 hours of recorded webinars PLUS some amazing handouts!

  • Best Tools for Researching Difficult DNA Matches: Have a really strong DNA match, but that the person doesn’t even have a name, let alone a tree? This webinar covers both free and subscription-based websites to help your detective work. It also covers the clues that can be used to figure out who matches are, where they’re from, and other important information. These new insights into your mystery can help you figure out your connection to them and place them in your family tree.
  • Understanding Ethnicity Estimates: Think that ethnicity estimates provided by DNA testing don’t help, they’re wrong, or at best, they’re just fun? Learn how and when your ethnicity estimates can be useful. This talk will cover 1) how ethnicity estimates are generated and the ancestral timeframe they reflect; 2) differences between the DNA testing companies;  and 3) how to identify situations in which they can be very helpful. Several case studies where ethnicity estimates helped solve the genealogy mystery at hand will be covered.

Here’s What You Get . . .

With this digital download, you get both recorded webinars totaling almost 3 hours of genealogy education, and 10 pages of handouts! SPECIAL LOW PRICE of $19.99 now through October 31st!

Recorded September 29, 2018


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