Review: 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee reviews 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History by Mary Eberle

23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History by Mary Eberle – a Review by Thomas MacEntee

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Eberle, Mary. 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History, DNA Hunters LLC, 2017, approximately 41 pages.

Perhaps most genealogists who have been researching family history for decades are like me when it comes to DNA: I want to get involved, but I want to cut through the hype and I don’t want to waste time and money. Sound like you? For years, I put off getting involved with DNA since I couldn’t get a hang of the terminology, the lingo, and the discussions in some of the groups on Facebook were over my head.

So when I got the opportunity to edit and help produce 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History by genetic genealogist Mary Eberle, JD, I JUMPED at the chance! And this is what I took away from the experience and the book:

  • Eberle not only knows “her stuff” when it comes to DNA, but she knows her audience. She doesn’t talk “over you” and can explain the most complex DNA concept.
  • DNA testing and research using the results is important for EVERYONE and the knowledge and “know how” must be readily accessible to all.
  • And finally, DNA and genetic genealogy is ADDICTIVE!

23 Best Tips Breaks it Down on DNA Testing

If you’ve ever been a part of one of the popular DNA Genealogy groups over at Facebook, you know some of the conversations can get very complex. No wonder there are so many posts from group members who need answers to their unique DNA testing situations.

23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History allows you to fully understand all the different terminology and concepts. After reading the book, I am confident in my understanding of the difference between autosomal DNA testing and mtDNA and Y-DNA. I know what a centimorgan is. I know what tests work best for specific situations and I know why females should not take a Y-DNA test.

In addition, Eberle advice is rock solid when it comes to which DNA testing companies to use. Again, there is no “easy button” when it comes to genetic genealogy and there are many different testing needs including searching for birth parents. Eberle takes each situation and breaks it down to the basic elements with recommendations on who to test, how to test and which test to use.

What I like best about 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History is knowing that it is a fun and quick read (at 41 pages) and I can refer back to it over the next year or so as I pursue DNA testing.


It isn’t easy jumping into DNA testing for genealogy and family history. I avoided it for years and now I wish I had taken an interest much sooner. I could have tested some relatives who passed, and I would have made more progress with my research. By reading 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History, you will quickly get over any qualms or regrets you may have related to DNA tests and results. And once you do jump in, you will probably become obsessed like so many people are these days. 23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History is a book you will continue to refer to in the years to come.

About The Author: Mary Eberle

About The Author: Mary Eberle

Mary Eberle is an experienced genetic genealogist and a DNA expert. She’s a former patent attorney with extensive DNA experience. Mary began her work in the field of DNA research 30 years ago. She now owns DNA Hunters, LLC, which finds people’s biological parents and helps people understand their DNA results. Mary lectures on genetic genealogy throughout the country.


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