Save 30%! X-DNA for Genealogical Research Digital Download

Save 30% on the X-DNA for Genealogical Research digital download with DNA expert Mary Eberle

X-DNA: the DNA you never hear about! Learn more with the X-DNA for Genealogical Research Digital Download

On March 16th, 2019, over 100 attendees learned how to unlock the mysteries of X-DNA from DNA expert Mary Eberle. Now through March 31st, you can save 30% on the digital download of this amazing online DNA Boot Camp! Regularly $25.99, for just $19.99 you’ll get access to 3 hours of recorded webinars, over 10 pages of handouts PLUS an extensive question & answer log from the live event!


The X-DNA for Genealogical Research Boot Camp is designed for people who’ve already tested but who want to do more with their DNA test results.  X-DNA can be mysterious since no company sells a stand-alone X-DNA test.  Instead, it’s included with autosomal DNA tests.  Another reason that it can be mysterious is because of its unique inheritance pattern.  With the X-DNA for Genealogical Research Boot Camp you’ll learn how and when X-DNA can help your genealogical research.

Join DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters for over 3 hours of webinars PLUS some amazing handouts!

X-DNA Topics

  • X-DNA for Genealogical Research: What is X-DNA and when can it help answer research questions? Know where to find your X-DNA matches. Understand how men and women differently inherit X-DNA. This will unleash the power of X-DNA.
  • Case Studies with X-DNA: We’ll explore several examples where X-DNA provided crucial information to answer the research question. Each example includes the steps needed to find the X-DNA shared with the match(es).  We’ll also discuss how the relevant family tree branches were identified, as well as the conclusions that were drawn.

Recorded March 16, 2019

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