September 2017 DNA Test Sales and Promos

Save 20% on Ancestry DNA, 28% on Family Tree DNA, and 30% on MyHeritage DNA during September 2017 direct from DNA vendors, Amazon Prime and Groupon!

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Who said you have to wait until October, which is Family History Month, or even Black Friday in November for a good sale on DNA test kits? During September 2017, you can save up to 30% plus get FREE SHIPPING if you are a savvy shopper and use the deal links here at DNA Bargains!

Ancestry DNA

Here's the latest sale on AncestryDNA - get their popular DNA test kit for $just 79 plus FREE SHIPPING (a $9.95 value) - via DNA Bargains!

  • You may have missed the last AncestryDNA Sale (when it was priced at $69), but Ancestry is now offering their autosomal DNA test kit, regularly priced at $99, for just $79 but with FREE SHIPPING! This saves you $9.95 when you use FREESHIPDNA at checkout (click on the Have a Coupon? link).  Click HERE to save – via Ancestry

FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime Members on AncestryDNA! Click here to access this special deal - you get the same $79 USD sale price PLUS FREE 2-Day SHIPPING!

  • Another way to get AncestryDNA with FREE SHIPPING is to click HERE if you have an Amazon Prime membership – you could receive the DNA test kit in just ONE DAY for the same $79 price!

Family Tree DNA

Save 28% on Family Finder DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA

Living DNA

Save $40 / €30 / £11 at Living DNA - Living DNA is the world's most advanced DNA test, offering twice the detail of other ancestry tests. Click HERE for more information - via Living DNA


MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA Sales 30% off through October 2nd

FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime Members on MyHeritage DNA!

  • Another way to get MyHeritage DNA with FREE SHIPPING is to click HERE if you have an Amazon Prime membership – you could receive the DNA test kit in just ONE DAY for the same $69 price!


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2 Comments on "September 2017 DNA Test Sales and Promos"

  1. It is not clear that Heritage DNA test does this test for autosomal DNA. That is what I am interested in.

    • Thomas MacEntee | 20 September 2017 at 8:33 am |

      The MyHeritage DNA test is a basic autosomal test similar to the AncestryDNA test and the Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA – in fact, MyHeritage uses the same testing facility in Houston, TX as Family Tree DNA does – the data is portable meaning you can download it and use it at another site (except for Ancestry which does not allow users to import outside DNA test results)

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