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So what does an addicted genealogist do on a warm Saturday evening when he doesn’t want to do genealogy? Watch genealogy on television! What I love about the summer is I can catch up on recent television shows like ABC’s 20/20 that have featured DNA Detective and ABC News contributor CeCeMoore.

Last night there was a double-header featuring two episodes of ABC’s 20/20: Since The Day I Was Born and Buried Secrets. If you missed these episodes where CeCe works with foundlings (those abandoned at birth) to reunite them with birth families, you MUST watch them (and get out your hankies!). And now you watch them for FREE online at

Since The Day I Was Born – ABC 20/20 – May 6, 2016

“The first hour follows Janet, who was one of three newborn babies abandoned within blocks of each other by the same mother over a five-year period. Janet started her search as many do, with a Facebook post begging for clues about her biological family. The post went viral. After hearing about her story, Moore volunteered to help her on her search. But once the three are reunited, they go on a quest to find that mystery mom responsible for the unthinkable. It all culminates in a dramatic family confrontation and a series of startling confessions.”[i]

Click HERE to view the FULL EPISODE for FREE on ABC

Buried Secrets – ABC 20/20 – July 13, 2018

“The second hour explores Andrea and Ben’s stories. In 1987, Andrea’s pregnant mother checked into an Idaho hospital alone, under a pseudonym, and disappeared 12 hours after giving birth. CeCe helps discover the identity of Andrea’s birth parents and the two biological sons they raised. But in a shocking twist, Andrea learns that her mother, who died giving birth to another child, hid five pregnancies, including Andrea’s, from her husband and abandoned those babies after the births.

In 1986, Ben was discovered inside a cardboard box outside a Salvation Army center in Anchorage, Alaska. He was adopted and became a soldier in the Idaho Army National Guard, deploying twice to Iraq. CeCe helps identify and track down Ben’s biological father, a highly decorated Purple Heart Vietnam veteran, and Ben learns the truth behind his father’s relationship with his mother. “20/20” follows Ben as he attempts to make contact with two women CeCe identified as likely to be his biological mother and aunt.”[i]

Click HERE to view the FULL EPISODE for FREE on ABC

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[i] ‘20/20’ DOUBLE FEATURE REPORTS ON INDIVIDUALS IN DESPERATE SEARCH FOR THEIR BIOLOGICAL FAMILIES, press release dated 14 July 2018 (accessed at, 19 August 2018)

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