Will There Be a 23andMe Cyber Monday Surprise?

Save $20 on 23andMe Ancestry DNA test kit

Could We See the Return of the 50% Off 23andMe Ancestry Service + Health Test?

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It has been a busy week and weekend researching various DNA test deals and bargains for Black Friday. So I almost didn’t catch this . . . did you notice that the current sale at 23andMe is good through Sunday, November 26th? Doesn’t that make you wonder what 23andMe’s next move is for Cyber Monday?

23andMe Ancestry Service Test Kit $69 and Ancestry Service + Health Test Kit is $149! Valid through Sunday, November 26th

Most other DNA testing companies – namely Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage DNA – have sales that run through Monday, November 27th which is Cyber Monday. The sale at Family Tree DNA is slated to run through December 31st, except for the $49 special on Family Finder which runs through Monday, November 27th.

My DNA Sales Predictions for Holiday 2017

So far this holiday season, I’ve been pretty “spot on” when it came to predicting price levels and deals that the DNA testing companies were planning. I will admit, that the $49 price for both Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage DNA was a bit of a shock. I have only seen that low a price one time: during RootsTech 2017 in Salt Lake City, and AncestryDNA had a special price of $49 with a 10 test limit.

And the $49 sale price when buying two or more DNA test kits at 23andMe which started earlier in November was a marketing coup.

I did accurately predict that 23andMe would have a one day flash sale on its Ancestry Service + Health test at 50% off the regular price. See my article Which DNA Test Should I Buy During Black Friday? posted on November 13th. The sale was carried exclusively at Amazon and I sold over 150 of those tests alone!

My Prediction on a 23andMe Cyber Monday Deal

You heard (or read) it here first. It doesn’t make sense for 23andMe to end their sale before Cyber Monday unless they were up to something. Here’s what I predict:

  • 23andMe will repeat its 50% Off Ancestry Service + Health Test sale at Amazon for one day only on Monday, November 27th.
  • 23andMe will drop its Ancestry Service test kit to $59 at its website for one day only on Monday, November 27th. In addition, they may add free US shipping.

* * *

I guess we will see what Cyber Monday brings, right? Keep in mind, even with already advertised sales by Ancestry DNA, MyHeritage DNA and others, this still doesn’t mean there won’t be extra deals on Cyber Monday. One element I predict will be free shipping added to the current low prices, but for one day only.


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